Magic & Miracles


A Measure of Magic


I believe this audience, in particular, can appreciate magic. We who are on a path to create changes, either by creating something that did not used to be either physically, socially, spiritually, all three, or otherwise. We are the entrepreneurs. Creating something where it didn’t exist before requires a measure of magic.

Entrepreneurs’ paths are long and often star-shaped. They begin with ethereal ideas usually without the support of knowing how those ideas could ever materialize. And we walk forward anyway. Into the unknown, into forces we cannot control.

I just walked through an experience that illustrates magic in real time.

This Star-Shaped Path

IMG_4463 2.jpeg

In June, I attended an art walk in my community. That day, I viewed lots of art that I both appreciated and wanted to take home with me. I chose to pass on everything except at the last stop before going home, I stood in front of a single postcard-sized watercolor of a foggy coastal scene (pictured above). I felt it reach out and grab my heart.

As I was paying the artist, Suzanna Leigh, for the piece, I told her, “You know I’ve been looking at all this terrific art today, but on this particular day, I’m not in a place of acquisition. This piece, however, has something to do with my next move. I don’t know what it is, but it is meaningful.” I went home and put the watercolor on my windowsill.


When I told the artist about my next move, it was a conceptual move I had in mind, not a literal move. A week or so later, I was alarmed by losing my lease at the house I was renting because for whatever reason, I had not expected it. Additionally, the rural area where I live doesn’t feature a wealth of rental options, so I quickly found myself in a fear state. I know what to do when this happens; I focus my mind (sometimes by writing on my hand) and I reach out for support.

No one could solve my problem, of course, but talking it through and being heard and cared for kept me going while I awaited the magic.

There are many uncanny details that I will share with you if ever we are having a cup of coffee together, but suffice it to say that a month later, I am living in my dream house, looking out at a view that looks unreasonably like that foggy watercolor. The opportunity presented itself seemingly out of nowhere, and even more uncanny supports presented themselves along the way to make possible what seemed a month ago beyond impossible- not only am I under contract to buy said dream house, but was able to move in immediately and rent while the sales transaction closes. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Me neither! Magic and miracles!

So, my question for you, as I savor this juicy, vine-ripened gratitude- what do we need to sustain ourselves along this journey, this star-shaped path? What do you do whilst waiting for the magic to happen? This is good stuff! Share with me if you are inspired. Hearing your inspiration inspires me.


Next Make It Real Workshop: September 14th

Now that I’ve spoken about what’s important, I’d like to announce the next Make It Real Workshop date.

(Dreams and Magic are business, ok? Very important business.)

We’ve chosen the date for our next Make It Real Workshop! We will host another cohort in person here at our Seattle offices on September 14, 2019. We will have coffee, lunch, and snacks to keep us powered up through a day of exploring the soft goods supply chain and building community. If you or anyone you know would like to take part, please check out (the registration page).

Also, I’m looking for marketing partners for these workshop efforts- Do you know of any GROUPS whose members may be interested in attending as a group OR who would like to be able to turn their members onto this content at a discounted rate? Please let me know!


Closing with a pumped-up version of my usual gratitude… today for sunshine, for disappointments yielding to pleasant surprises, and our friend Goethe who said a long time ago:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

Until next time,
Jenny Mae

Jenny Mae