Serendipity favors the prepared mind




What matters is that the magic and miracles I spoke of last month were backed up by a little preparation. I’m not taking the credit for my good fortune; I’m saying that my preparation supported me to fully show up for it.

As I moved my belongings into my new home, I began an editing process- what stays? What goes? What do I need that is brand new and specific to this location? (this week it is a new bathroom vanity!)

I turned to my spreadsheets in my project planning process. What can I buy this month? What do I need to make a longer-range plan for? It occurred to me in this next planning stage how much this process supported the miracle of my dream home coming to be.



I have a spreadsheet that outlines my monthly expenditures and allows me to keep tabs on what I can accomplish each month (this much goes into savings, I have $x to spend on something fun or beautiful….). Making these quantified lists keeps me connected to my immediate needs as well as my aspirations and keeps me on track. In the case of my dream house, being connected to my quantified lists allowed me to take advantage of a unique opportunity without hesitation.

This also relates to starting a business or otherwise calling on magic in any way. You don’t have to know everything to start an inventory of what you do know. Just start with what you know! And believe that what you want is possible. Let go of needing to know how. Keep breathing and take it one day at a time.

I love using Google Sheets for my inventories. Anyone with access to a library can get a Google account and start ordering magic, I mean.… calculating. Note: paper and pencils work too. Get clear on what you need. Get clear on what you want. Visit your lists and make updates as much as you want. And if you need help sorting, ask for help. Clarity is the goal.


Next Make It Real Workshop: September 14th


If you’re dreaming up a new business and wanting a hand-hold on getting some spreadsheets started, you might consider coming to the next Make It Real workshop I’m giving on September 14 in our Seattle office. It’s a must do for any entrepreneur considering a product-based business.

Discounts and scholarships are available, just ask me about them.

Learn more about the workshop and enroll here.


Do you have a favorite list and quantification tool? Or a story to share? Are you spreadsheet nerd too? I’d really love to hear about it. I’m always inspired to hear from you.

Signing off in gratitude for this community. I’m so grateful for what is already here. And I’m grateful for all the magic already on the way.

Until next time,
Jenny Mae

Jenny Mae